About NextGen Cinemas

We are a bunch of movie enthusiasts, working to bring quality Malayalam cinema to NRI Malayalees. Ask any Malayali who has been away from Parasu’s own country, and they would tell you there is nothing that reminds you of home like the smell of coconut, thick red rice, kappa and fish curry, or even watching a Malayalam movie. Venture further along this line of questioning, and you would hear of how very rarely Malayalam movies make it to the suburban multiplexes, and how the Tamils and the Telugus rub it in every time one of theirs light up on screen. Definitely then, the cultural alienation pangs of the average Marunadan Malayali is a subject that should interest entrepreneurs both in a business and close-to-the-heart sense. Initiatives along these lines generally have to come from the diaspora and that led to a start-up distribution company, NextGen Cinemas.